Education must be standardized so that one can measure it

Schools have been using standardized testing for more than a century now and the results are satisfactory, although it does discriminate against some students who have special abilities or disabilities. Trying to standardize is very difficult and requires many professionals and time to complete. Students have many different skills, and these might not overlap with standards. Even though the results of standardized testing are good, they can be made better by removing standardization. The way someone could measure this is by seeing how the two systems compare.

During the industrial revolution, companies needed a large workforce, but because these were mostly uneducated farmers, there was a need for some kind of standardized testing. This method of standardized tests has stuck with schools all the way till today, and has, hence, become outdated. Furthermore, standardized tests discriminate against students with special abilities or even disabilities because they are focused on only one specific topic and not everything that standardized testing requires. These types of students need special subjects and programs to harness their full potential.

On the one hand, the good results of standardized testing should not be disregarded because it has provided information about students and how well they can do. On the other hand, this type of schooling has not prepared anyone for life in the real world. Moreover, the results of this method are visible in the grades of students, but the grades might also be giving the wrong picture and, if anything, a small part of the whole picture. By abolishing standardized tests and implementing a more pupil-oriented method, schooling would become better, and we could get the most out of everybody. As an added bonus, schools would not be viewed as a chore but as a fun and interesting way of learning about something pupils actually like.

This new method can be measured in a few different ways. Firstly, the happiness of students in school compared with how it was during standardized testing. Secondly, we can compare the grades or better still the average number of passing on tests, which would indicate the willingness of students to learn. The last, but certainly not the least, way of measuring the effectiveness of this new method is by checking the happiness level of every occupation and seeing how they compare.

In conclusion, standardized testing has been around for quite some time now and its results vary a lot. By introducing a new method of education, schooling would be more suited to the specific student. There are a few ways of measuring how successful this method is and they revolve around how happy people are with their life.

Fabian Perošić, 3.d