Koliko je važno razumjeti o čemu treba pisati u eseju pokazuje ovaj esej.
Svi ostali učenici nisu uočili što je ovdje uočeno i pisali su o plesu ptica.
Pored ovoga, ovaj esej odudara od svih drugih i zbog toga bi pobudio pozornost ocjenjivača na maturi.
Budite uvijek sigurni da razumijete o čemu treba pisati!
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How did the birds inspire the dance?

The association of these two words is very frequent because of their similarities. Although they are similar, their meanings are quite different. Flamenco is a characteristic Spanish traditional dance well known throughout the world. The flamingo as a bright pink animal looks similar to a rodent; there is not much resemblance to the dance there.

If you know one pink animal with very thin legs, you surely know about the flamingo. This is an interesting animal with very thin legs and they look very similar to storks. Bright pink colours are specific and that is why children love them. They are spread all over the world. Very often they keep one foot in the air because they protect their body from rapid heat loss when the wind blows.

In Andalusia there is a dance whose name is flamenco. It is characterized by a strong, rhythmic tone, accompanied by an equally expressive song. It is performed very passionately with  often complex work of the arms and legs. The Flamenco is one of the musical phenomena that has spread all over the world.

Flamingo and flamenco are two different terms that are not related to each other. Although similar word structures flamenco and flamingo have no common features, except that this beautiful bird looks very graceful as does this well-known dance. People often mix these two terms, and the reason for this is incorrect pronunciation. They are also associated because the word “flamenco” has multiple meanings.

The flamingo bird and the flamenco dance are two different terms that do not have much in common. While the flamingo,a pink bird, is spread all over the world, the flamenco is a passionate dance that is performed very dynamically and movingly. They are connected only through a very small difference in word structure.

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