School testing should be limited to only three exams a year

Exams are a primary cause of stress for many pupils around the globe. Some think that bombarding them with exams almost every week will make them study continuously, but some heavily disagree with that statement. It more often than not has a negative affect on students and their studies. Almost all of what is learned in such short time periods, usually evaporates out of their brains really fast, deeming all the effort useless.

While it is important for pupils to know these important things school teaches; we have to admit not every single thing they learn is going to be useful in the future. Testing them on those things is therefore questionable. Some believe that it makes less room for the really important things because pupils have no time to really let sink in and truly learn.

On the other hand, there are lots of people who like this kind of schooling. They argue that by having a larger number of exams, pupils are given more chances to show their knowledge and earn good grades. They say that three exams per year would make students slack off and regret it later. An F on one of the three big exams would cost them more than a single F in the sea of exams pupils take every year.

The school system is flawed but that is probably news to no one.  Schools have operated in this manner for God knows how long and it would be a miracle if something so huge changed overnight. The school system is flawed, but that is probably news to no one. If it ever came to such a change, students who are currently affected by it should have a say in the matter. They know best about what they can handle.

It turns out that taking three exams per year is a highly discussed topic. While some praise it and desire it to happen, others are hoping it never comes to it. While we don’t know if such form of testing will help, one thing is certain. Both variants will cause stress and anger one way or another. Even though both arguments are valid, change probably won’t happen any time soon. Finding a grey area is tricky and it takes a lot of time and consideration.

Lana Majdak, 1. G