Music: Loud noise pollution without any harmony

Music has been a part of human culture for a long time. It keeps changing all the time and it has a lot of purposes and uses. We hear it every day, whether it is intentional or not. Even so, music can be distracting and unwanted when heard at the wrong time. In these situations, it becomes nothing more than loud noise. Saying it doesn’t have any harmony though, can be true, but considering the following, it’s irrelevant.

Harmony, in music, is the sound of two or more notes heard simultaneously. Harmony can affect the overall mood of the song, but it is not its main focus. There are several types of music without harmony, which doesn’t necessarily make it bad. In fact, a big part of the world’s music is nonharmonic. Many musical styles, such as those of India and China, consist basically of disharmonized melodic lines and their rhythmic organization.

Loud noises are generally unwanted and cause irritation and/or stress. Loud music, however, is necessary in many occasions and it is to be expected in clubs, parties and sometimes even malls. It serves to create a certain atmosphere. Though it may or may not be true that people are slowly growing more accustomed to both loud music and noise, it is for the best to keep them both at a reasonable volume.

Calling music pollution, in any sense of the word, is easily frowned upon and seen as an outright lie. Music is in no way pollution. If it sounds bad to you, it’s probably just not your cup of tea. That’s why there are so many different styles. Music serves to make the world more pleasant and to help people better express themselves and show their creativity. It will continue to change along with the people making it.

To summarise, music is a big part of our everyday life and our lives would be dull without it. Music is depicted as noise only when its timing is bad. It is often loud and it can never quite satisfy everyone hearing it. It can work without harmony, because harmony is not something music requires to be pleasant. It makes the world a better place and calling it pollution is plainly incorrect.

Lana Majdak 1.G