Class 3 E conducted a research project, including a questionnaire poll for peers and the general public about how technology interferes with and/or has changed the way families function and communicate.

After their classroom presentations of their findings, an academic essay was asked for as part of the examination and evaluation process connected to this topic. Amongst a good number of excellent essays, this one proved to be top notch in planning, layout and argumentation. As far as language is concerned this essay is in line with the required register for this style of writing.

The subject teacher has asked and been given approval to share this essay with all the pupils in our school and perhaps even the wider general public.

If you are preparing for your Državna matura exam in English at A Level, it is good and sound advice to spend 10 – 15 minutes reading and analysing this essay as it has all required elements and parts!

Enjoy, people!


A significant number of people believe that technological changes have had quite a destructive impact on the time family members spend together. For the most part, there have been raised major concerns about the influence of technology on family relationships and face-to-face interactions.

It can be noted that spending time on devices leads to disregarding or the neglect of interacting with those who are physically nearby. Simple presence of a phone negatively effects face-to-face interactions. As a matter of fact family members, both children and parents, are found using mobile devices during family meals or any kind of family gatherings. And even though this is for a relatively small amount of time, it does impact the quality time for numerous families.

In some cases, of course, it is possible that technological devices are in fact complementing family interactions. For example, family members use them to play group games or more importantly contact other relatives. Therefore, a family member who is miles away can still communicate with the other family members, which is so much better than letters or only talking when got together for a special event.

However, technology also brings about communication breakdowns. Everyone is in their own world looking at their screens not acknowledging the world right before their very eyes. Then it comes to feelings such as less comfort, trust, security and love being present in the families. Not being, fully present, often leads to a lack of strong relationships.

The truth is family life has changed in the last generation quite apart from the rise and development of technology. Gone are the days when families would gather around, be it at the dining table or in the living area, and simply share stories about their day. It is essential that family members nowadays appreciate the need to communicate and interact with each other personally, learning to put away all forms of gadgets and bond with each other.


Written by:

Antonia Pleić 3.E